Ep01: What is Agile?

The Burn Up - All Things Agile

In this Episode with provide a high level view on what Agile is. We touch on mindset, process and techniques. We dispel the myth of Agile being a silver bullet that solves all software delivery problems, discuss whether Agile is always right and provide some early insight into how to apply Agile successfully.

Expect more detailed discussion on each topic as the podcast evolves.

Show Notes

Interesting reading on topics mentioned in this podcast are the Agile Manifesto, and the less authoritative, but nevertheless highly relevant Declaration of Interdependence.

Also, a quick overview of Scrum and XP.

If you are up for a related novel check out The Phoenix Project, if you are interested in agile concepts, do read the introductions to DSMD and SAFe (where the latter is concerned, do read this critique before rushing into implementation.)

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