Ep06: Team Roles – User Experience-, Visual- and Service-Design

The Burn Up - All Things Agile

For this Episode we have invited our colleagues Isabell Britsch and Tarik Johnston to discuss all things Digital Design with us.

We will touch on the importance of placing the user at the centre of things and in this context will explain the differences between service design (the overall end to end including the organisational view), user experience design (how user interact at the various touchpoints), user interface design (the design of an interface provided at a specific touchpoint).

We chat about the difference between experience design (how things work) and visual design (how things look). And also why both are important in the design of products and services satisfy user needs and business goals.

More so, user experience design is a vital factor in requirements analysis and iterative, collaborative solution design.

In this context we will specifically argue that all software applications, even the most internal operational system, will benefit from, in fact require, user experience and visual design.

As usual, in our episodes on roles we will touch on ‘what makes a good practitioner’ in these disciplines, how their day to day work looks like, and how one can get into these roles…

Maybe the most important takeaway is that all software teams must adjust their thinking and start including user experience and visual design into their solution design and implementation process.

Isabell Britsch is a London based Design Consultant and Art Director and has a 20 year work portfolio with clients across a wide range of industries and projects in digital, print and TV . You can contract her via her Linkedin profile or herportfolio. When she does not design, she teaches Yoga and Meditation.

Tarik Johnston is a London based User Experience Designer with a 15 year work portfolio in designing user-centered digital applications in the public and private sector across ecommerce, banking, government, travel and property. He can best be contacted via Linkedin.

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