Ep08: Team Roles – Engagement Management

For this episode we have invited our colleague Dave Hewett to discuss all things Engagement Management, Client Service and Account Handling.

We will touch on what good ‘client servicing’ means and where the balance lies between saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘no’. Ultimately engagement management is all about ensuring delivery in a way that both the client and the delivery team are happy. Remember, only happy teams deliver good outcomes.

Client services is a role of many ‘hats’ and switching context is possibly the most important skill in this role, be this to dive into granular detail within a domain or to switch domain completely across different clients.

Dave also explains that a thick skin certainly helps with the role, where you often end up as the go-to for everyone from the client to your team offloading stress, anger, frustrations and worries. That said, it is also important for an engagement manager to detect what is important and what isn’t: things you can let go and ignore as ‘noise’ and those things that really need attention.

Dave Hewett, born in New Zealand, is a UK-based based Engagement Manager for Equal Experts with a 30+ year work portfolio in business analysis, delivery and engagement management across industries including energy, telephony, finance, automotive and many others.

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