Ep11: TL;DR: Status Reports

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Status reports… all Delivery Managers need to do them.  Love them or hate them, this short TL;DR episode will give you practical tips on getting the most out of your status reports and turn the chore into a great communication tool if you focus on your audience and quality, concise content.

Show Notes

The main purpose of status reports is to report out the status of your project to the team and stakeholders.

Things to include on a status report:

  • Team name and Date
  • Summary
  • RAG Status (optional)
  • Risks/Issues/Blockers
  • Current Progress… Graphs, burn up charts, stacked bar charts, cumulative flow diagrams
  • What’s coming next
  • Team Feedback (optional)
  • Team Changes (joiners/leavers, optional)

It’s important to have use a matter-of-fact tone in status reports and not to be emotive.  You need to let the audience decide about the status of the project based off the facts you present.  Tone is important!

Above all, be complete and concise and truthful, otherwise it will come back to bite you!  Don’t omit information and make sure you highlight any issues up front.

Further Reading:

Further Reading:

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