Ep12: What if WE Were the Client – Selecting Software Suppliers as a Startup

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In our “If WE were the Client” series we engage in some wishful thinking, turning the situation on its head and talk about all the things we would do and change if we were looking for or working with software suppliers.

In this first episode we discuss what Startups should think about when selecting and working with software suppliers.

We discuss that good suppliers understand a startup’s constraints and situations, appreciate commercial and market pressures and bring a strategic view.

We talk about, bootstrapping vs. 3rd party investment, build vs buy decisions, the right supplier size, whether on or offshoring is the better approach, and the challenge of working with partners and suppliers while still storming and forming internally. Ultimately, we conclude it is – as always – about building trusted relationships and close communication.

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The author and book Marcel butchered (also, he is not a fan: he thinks the approach in the book is ethically questionable and snake oil for the unhappy and gullible): Tim Ferris, The four hour week (no link here for obvious reasons).

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