Ep16: Team Roles – Delivery Manager / Scrum Master

In this Team Roles episode, Marcel and Todd talk about the role of the Delivery Manager and Scrum Master. We talk about the difference between delivery roles and give practical advice on how to help teams reduce risks, remove blockers and… Deliver! We touch on the importance of 1-on-1 relationships with team members, the importance of servant leadership, project awareness, project management tooling, risk management, good project hygiene and how to become a delivery manager.

In this episode we talk in more detail about the following topics:

  • What is a Delivery Manager anyway?
  • The difference between Delivery Lead, Delivery Manager, Programme Manager and Scrum Master. Have we got you confused yet? Don’t worry, we’ll explain….
  • Delivery mindset within the team
  • Balance between shielding the team and exposure to clients
  • The importance of 1-on-1 relationships with team members
  • Avoiding being a ‘box ticker’ Delivery Manager
  • The importance of servant leadership
  • Being aware of what you DO know, not what you THINK you know
  • Being organised and prioritising time
  • Documenting everything
  • Project management tools
  • The importance of building good teams
  • Todd’s number 1 tip: scheduling 1-on-1s and the importance of listening
  • Risk and blocker management
  • Good project hygiene and project ceremonies
  • How to get into project management
  • Project management certifications and continuous learning

Show Notes

Getting Things Done® by David Allen

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