Ep19: Season 2

It’s been a while, mainly my fault. Been travelling a lot and just didn’t find the time. And Todd’s been busy as and doing new interesting things…

So we have super exciting things to talk about in Season 2:

  • We want to finish our discussion of roles
  • We want to share thoughts on organisational dysfunction mainly based on both of us listening independently to podcasts about Apollo11 and the Challenger disaster
  • We’ll finally do an entire series on discoveries and inceptions
  • We’ll chat Infosec/Opsec with one of the EE practice leads and product with one of EE’s principles. 
  • And of course many many more things we’ve always wanted to talk about re all things lean, agile and software delivery
  • As the first episode in this season we’ll introduce you to yet another playbook, this time about tools and techniques, which we’ve recently written.

Yes, yes, we are also super excited…

So tune in, and join the fun, because the future is agile…

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