Ep20: Tools to make your live (and initiative delivery) easier

TheBurnUp Podcast - Tl;Dr Episode

In this episode we introduce our new Core Tools Playbook and how these tools can help a team work more effectively and achieve better outcomes easier.

Contrary to our Inception Playbook which suggest a process or approach to delivery over all, the Core Tools Playbook is a collection of the tools a team can use during kick-off of an initiative or at any point initiative delivery. In fact, some tools are so versatile they can be used outside of initiative or even IT context.

Behold: The Core Tools Inception Playbook (free download).

A compilation of plays (recipes) for 18 tools with templates and examples

The Core Tools Playbook (available for free download) is a compilation of 18 tools to help teams work better, and achieve desirable outcomes in more effective, efficient and pleasant ways.

This playbook introduces 18 tools, explains their benefit and when to use them, and provides step by step instructions on how to use them as well as supporting templates and examples.

The Core Tools Playbook covers tools such as Affinity Mapping, Storymapping, Context Modelling, Wardley Maps, and many others…

Who is the Core Tools Playbook for?

The Playbook is for beginners, to get to know the tools and have guidance on how to use them, and for experienced practitioners to get inspiration and insight on what good looks like, what works and what doesn’t, to make you even more successful…

Why 18 Tools?

The tools described in the Core Tools Playbook are those that I, as a Business Analyst, Product Owner and — sometimes — Project Manager, use most frequently, and which I have seen to be most conducive to successful delivery.

The playbook covers a sub-set of tools that were at the forefront of my mind in my day to day work. And as I am helping a lot of teams get well off the ground (Inceptions) these days, there is a clear bias to tools that help in that ‘space’. Of course to be successful overall, there are other tools we need to use, to get Discovery (identifying the right thing to do) and Delivery (implementing and operating it) right. I may write about those in the future…

How does it fit in?

This playbook is not about a big game plan, as is the Inception Playbook, but more about individual recipes to work better, than can be used in an orchestrated whole, but also in isolation.

Where can I get it?

Free download here.

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