EP21: How to do lightweight Inceptions

In this episode Swathi Poddar – who you’ll know from last season — and I catch up on Lean Inceptions.

As you know we have written the Inception Playbook which is a quite chunky piece, providing in-depth guidance on how to kick off projects well and set initiatives up for success. While this is still very helpful, we found that the more experienced teams are looking for something a bit more light-weight, to incept not major initiatives, but smaller projects, feature delivery or additional workstreams.

In fact, these days we are running more and more super short, highly focused Inceptions that may be as short as 2–3 days, or only 3–4 hours, even… In this episode we discuss when such Lean Inceptions are valuable and feasible and talk through the mechanics of running them.

You may want to view the diagram below while listening to this podcast:

Lean Inception flow

More in-depth information about Lean Inceptions here:


Download our free Core Tools Playbook and Inception Playbook here:

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