Ep22: Remote Interviewing

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We strongly believe that organisations with a successful future are those that embrace remote working practices. Not only does this address some of the challenges posed by the current Covid-19 crisis, but overall, allows organisations tap into a wider talent pool, work with a wider client base and most importantly make for better work life balance. In this episode we discuss remote interviewing with 6 super interesting guests….

We have recently co-written a blog-post on remote interviewing and my business partners at Equal Experts have extensively discussed remote working practices in their free remote working playbook.

But writing about it, is one thing, hearing it from the horse’s mouth is different altogether. In this Burn Up Episode, we chat with 5 guests, all with extensive experience in remote interviewing.

We talk about whether remote interviewing works, whether it’s a stop-gap measure or there to stay, and how to be successful at it, as interviewer and candidate alike.

Show Notes

We’ve got an excellent cast of guests on this episode. Please feel free to get in touch with any of them if you are looking for an engagement, want to know more about remote working, work with an organisation that is interested in improving their remote working practices or simply want to say hello…

In this episode you’ll meet;

Becky Smith, recruiter and people manager, and Neha Datt who works as product consultant, has co-written the remote working playbook and runs a webinar on remote working best practices. She can best be reached via her company Mercurial Phoenix or via twitter @oliphantism.

You will also hear from Nuno Silva Peirera who works as a Delivery Lead in Portugal and with whom we have remote interviewed many times. Nuno blogs, tweets @nunoaspereira, xxx and has recently released a Metal Album which we highly recommend you check out. Nuno also has a most excellent youtube video on remote working.

We also speak with Werner Smit who is a Delivery Lead in South Africa and has extensive experience working across country boundaries, Rajesh Kumar Thiagaran who is a Product Consultant in Pune, India, with experience in the recruitment industry and with whom we have recently run a major multi-day remote training session across London, Bangalore and Pune.

And of course, there is also Dave Hewett whom you’ll have met in Episode 8. Dave has a keen interest in team working practices (remote or other) and hjas been instrumental in making the remote (and other) playbooks happen. If you want to work with Equal Experts you can get in touch with them via their website or any of us via linkedin or any other channel.




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