Podcast Episodes

  • EP24: Learnings from the Space Industry – Part 2 of 2 – The Challenger Disaster and on

    This episode is a follow-on from our previous episode about the Apollo space program. Marcel and Todd talk about the failures surrounding the Challenger Disaster as a cautionary tail for today’s leaders to consider to avoid the same pitfalls.

  • EP23: Learnings from the Space Industry – Part 1/2 – Apollo 11

    In this episode Marcel and Todd talk about management lessons learned during the Apollo era space program and how they can still apply in today’s management environment.

  • Ep22: Remote Interviewing

    We strongly believe that organisations with a successful future are those that embrace remote working practices. Not only does this address some of the challenges posed by the current Covid-19 crisis, but overall, allows organisations tap into a wider talent pool, work with a wider client base and most importantly make for better work life balance. In this episode we discuss remote interviewing with 5 super interesting guests….

  • EP21: How to do lightweight Inceptions

    Learn how to run super lightweight Lean Inceptions to kick off features, workstreams or short projects in the space of hours. We’ll talk about why inceptions are valuable, and how to run them.

  • Ep20: Tools to make your live (and initiative delivery) easier

    In this episode we introduce our new Core Tools Playbook and how these tools can help a team work more effectively and achieve better outcomes easier.

  • Ep19: Season 2

    Introducing The Burn Up Season 2. It's been a while, but we'll pick up where we left off, and talk about even more exciting things this season. So tune in, and join the fun....

  • Ep18: TL;DR – Risk/Issue Management

    In this episode Todd talks about the practicalities of Risk/Issue Management, including what risks and issues are, how to gather them, how to log them and how to review them.

  • Ep17: TL;DR: Dependency Management

    In this playbook we provide a recipe on how to identify and manage dependencies. We explain why to do it, how to do it, what good looks like, and the most important dos and don’ts.

  • Ep16: Team Roles – Delivery Manager / Scrum Master

    In this Team Roles episode, Marcel and Todd talk about the role of the Delivery Manager and Scrum Master. We talk about the difference between delivery roles and give practical advice on how to help teams reduce risks, remove blockers and… Deliver! We touch on the importance of 1-on-1 relationships with team members, the importance of servant leadership, project awareness, project management tooling, risk management, good project hygiene and how to become a delivery manager.

  • Ep15: Should we allow FE and BE stories?

    In this episode Swathi Poddar and I are talking about a thing we used to fight about: Should we or Shouldn’t we allow frontend and backend specific user stories? Surely, stories should describe features, something that delivers value? But what, if there was a public API? And if it turns out that API also fed a GUI frontend? And what if your team simply demanded it as it made their lives easier?