Podcast Episodes

  • Ep01: What is Agile?

    In this Episode with provide a high level view on what Agile is. We touch on mindset, process and techniques. We dispel the myth of Agile being a silver bullet that can solve all software delivery problems, discuss whether Agile is always right and provide some early insight into how to apply Agile successfully.

  • Ep00: Introducing The Burn

    Introducing The Burn Up: a podcast about all things Agile and Software Delivery. In this very first podcast we set the scene, talk about what The Burn Up is all about, who it is for, and what listeners can expect. In The Burn Up we will share our experiences, introduce interesting concepts and techniques, dispel myth and challenge common assumptions. This is our way of providing inspiration and guidance to practitioners - clients and suppliers - involved in software design and delivery and ultimately make software delivery more enjoyable and successful.