Tag: Business Consulting

  • EP24: Learnings from the Space Industry – Part 2 of 2 – The Challenger Disaster and on

    This episode is a follow-on from our previous episode about the Apollo space program. Marcel and Todd talk about the failures surrounding the Challenger Disaster as a cautionary tail for today’s leaders to consider to avoid the same pitfalls.

  • EP23: Learnings from the Space Industry – Part 1/2 – Apollo 11

    In this episode Marcel and Todd talk about management lessons learned during the Apollo era space program and how they can still apply in today’s management environment.

  • Ep17: TL;DR: Dependency Management

    In this playbook we provide a recipe on how to identify and manage dependencies. We explain why to do it, how to do it, what good looks like, and the most important dos and don’ts.

  • Ep15: Should we allow FE and BE stories?

    In this episode Swathi Poddar and I are talking about a thing we used to fight about: Should we or Shouldn’t we allow frontend and backend specific user stories? Surely, stories should describe features, something that delivers value? But what, if there was a public API? And if it turns out that API also fed a GUI frontend? And what if your team simply demanded it as it made their lives easier?

  • Ep14: Assigning teams to features or services

    In this episode Swathi Poddar and I are talking about a topic very close to our heart: how do we best assign work to our teams? Do we have clear ownership of features or services, and if so, what do we do with the ‘shared’ service we’ll invariably encounter? Are such services commonly owned, can anyone mess with them, or are we keeping them under tight guard, and we ask: ‘Who owns the frontend?’ Expect an interesting, possibly controversial discussion...

  • Ep08: Team Roles – Engagement Management

    In this episode we will discuss engagement management and the vital importance - if done well - of this role for successful delivery. We will dispel the myth that account management and client servicing is just about ‘saying yes’ and ‘wine and dine’. We will explain why ‘thick skin’ and empathy helps with the role, and that the most important skills an engagement manager can have are to be relaxed in the face of pressure and the ability quickly switch context.